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"the place where people dare to go but afraid to stay, fear of the misunderstood and the WONDER of it all" -Fuschia N. Miller Hi. Name is Fuschia, (yea like the color and the flower). 18. Currently attending University of Central Florida. I <3 music. shoes. shopping. beyonce. jCole.Wale. ETC Hope you enjoy my blog and all the things that come to my mind and if not OH WELL :)

Whatever will be, will be.: 20 Day Challenge, Day 7: 14 books you have read - would like to read - both.


I really like today’s challenge. Some of the ones I have read are from a long time ago. And some are faves and some are school books.

  1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (read, fave)
  2. Looking for Alaska (read, fave)
  3. The Great Gatsby (read)
  4. Homecoming (read, fave)
  5. A Child Called It (read, fave)

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“…this beats any new year’s resolution”

If you don’t reblog this I’m judging you.